New Zealand Won Battle against Coronavirus – says PM Jacinda Ardern

by Sai Raju
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New Zealand declares it has clogged community transmission of Covid-19, successfully eradicating the pandemic.

With latest occurrences in single digits for quite a few days – single case report on Sunday – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared the pandemic was “currently” eradicated.

However officials have cautioned against complacency, declaring it does not imply a total halt to new coronavirus issues.

The news arrives hours prior to New Zealand is set to move out of its hardest level of social restrictions.

From Tuesday, certain non-essential enterprise, healthcare and education activity will be able to recommence.

Most people will always still be required to remain at home and avoid all social interactions.

New Zealand has stated fewer than 1,500 confirmed or possible cases of coronavirus and 19 fatalities

How New Zealand contained the virus?

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The nation took in some of the toughest constraints in the globe on travel and activity initial on in the pandemic, when it only had a few dozen instances.

It sealed its borders, started imposing quarantine of all influxes in the nation, brought in a severe lockdown and launched an wide-ranging testing and contact tracing process.

Ms Ardern stated modelling revealed New Zealand could have had more than 1,000 instances a day if it had not brought in the lockdown so soon.

She told the nation could never realize how bad it would have been, but that through our “cumulative actions we have avoided the worst”.

New Zealand’s detached location and effortlessly sealable borders played in its favor when the pandemic broke out, experts reveal.

But the government has also been applauded for the clarity of its messaging all over the disaster.

New Zealanders are being advised to “stick to their bubble” – a little group of close friends or household – and to stay 2m or 6ft away from individuals.

Mass gatherings are even now prohibited, shopping centers remain shut down and most children will persist away from school. New Zealand’s border will stay sealed.

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