ATMs should be disinfected after each use – Chennai Corporation

by Kumaran J
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Chennai Coroporation ATM Disinfect

Chennai Corporation orders to seal the offices and private companies those who are violating the rules. ATM machines should be switched off and cleaned with antiseptic after each use.

Chennai: Due to coronavirus affecting millions of people around the world, the ATM machines in the city should be cleaned with antiseptic after every use, said the Corporation of Chennai. It has also ordered the sealing of offices and private companies that violate the new rules.

Under the essential services category, all government offices and private companies that are allowed to open during the lockdown must be cleaned twice a day with disinfectant. Workers in the office are advised to comply with compulsory social distancing and frequent hand washing.

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Coronavirus is currently raising high in Chennai, with around 16,000 employees going work to home after the curfew. In the city alone, 138 people were affected by the coronation today. And 910 in Chennai have been affected by the coronation. The local authority has said that the number of people tested has increased drastically.

At this stage, Chennai is testing 3,385 people per million. At the same time, there are 508 tests per million in India on an average, Prakash said yesterday. He further said that this test will be raised.

“The population density in Chennai is very high and that is the impact. As far as India is concerned, Chennai is doing a lot of experiments and we are going to increase it,” he said. He said that the local authority is actively monitoring all areas of dispersal in Chennai.

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